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Middle School Passion Project: Home

Use this guide as you embark on your personal project!

Imagine the Possibilities

When choosing a topic, think about: 

  • ‚ÄčWhat are you good at?
  • What do you get excited about?
  • What do you like to read about?
  • What have you learned about that makes you want to know more?

Collect Your Ideas

Plan Your Project


Look at the boxes in the center column on this Libguide to find books (print or ebooks) and databases that will help you learn more. 

Be sure to think about the reliability of the sources you use! 

  • Who is the AUTHOR?
  • What is their BIAS?
  • Is the CONTENT what you're looking for? Is it correct?
  • Is the information up to DATE?
  • EVALUATE: Is this a good source for you?

Remember, if you take information or ideas from somewhere, you should give credit to the sources of your information. That might look like a works cited (use Noodletools!), or it might look like links on a slideshow or poster. 

Project Description

Destiny Library Catalog

Search the library catalog to see if there are books in the library or ebooks in Sora that will help you learn what you need for your passion project. If there are books that you want added to Sora, send Ms. Hoiseth a message.

Recommended Databases for Your Passion Project

When accessing databases from home, use the link above to find out the passwords.

These databases might give you inspiration and information for your passion project. 


Did you use sources to find information that you used in your project? Remember to give them credit!

Notecard Template

Notecards are a great way to keep track of your information!

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