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Use this guide to prepare for the MESAC forensics season.

Forensics Events and Handbook

Look in the handbook for rules and descriptions. (Do not print out the entire handbook!)

Flight A

  • Debate - pages 9-13

  • Impromptu Speaking - pages 29-30

  • Serious Oral Interpretation - pages 27-28

  • Serious Duet Acting - pages 25-26

Flight B

  • Extemporaneous Speaking - pages 21-22

  • Oratory - pages 23-24

  • Comic Oral Interpretation - pages 27-28

  • Comic Duet Acting - pages 25-26


Debate Topic 2019


The United States federal government should substantially increase its constructive engagement with one or more of the following: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria.

Recommended Databases for Forensics

Destiny Library Catalog

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