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Gender and Sexual Diversity at AES: Home

This guide is intended to share the work of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee at the American Embassy School in New Delhi. We hope to use this platform to share our learning and resources we have gathered.

Our Journey

The American Embassy School's Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee is one of the school-wide special interest committees.  We are faculty and staff members with an interest in ensuring an equitable experience for the LGBTQIA+ community at the American Embassy School.

  • 18/19 school year - an ad hoc group of teachers and administrators got together regularly to teach each other about issues faced by the queer community
  • July 2019 - Full faculty and staff workshop during teacher inservice days
  • September 2019 - Committee formed
  • November 2019 - GLSEN visit
  • January 2020 - Working subcommittees formed

Resources for Schools

These are policies and documents that our school has borrowed from or created to improve our inclusive practices.

Recommended Reading Lists

Recent LGBTQ Fiction Books in the AES MSHS Library

These are just some of the recent titles that have been added to the AES MSHS Library. 

GSD Professional Development at AES

Helpful Organizations and Sites

Useful resources: Intersectionality

Be a Better Ally Podcost

Useful Resources: Gender Identity

Books in the AES ES Sood Library

These are just some of the titles that have been added to the AES ES Sood Library. For the full list, go to the ES Sood Library catalog,  and find the "ES Gender Expression Books" list.

LGBTQIA+ in the News and on the Web

Twitter @GenderSpectrum

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GLSEN is an organization dedicated to creating a better world for LGBTQ students through providing resources, conducting research, advocating for policy change, and promoting activism. AES is working closely with GLSEN as we embark on our journey towards inclusion and support for our LGBTQ community.

GLSEN has many resources for educators, including these:

Teaching Tolerance

New non-fiction books at the AES MSHS Library

These are just some of the recent titles that have been added to the AES MSHS Library. For the full list, go to the library catalog, choose Resource Lists, and find the LGBTQ+ list.

Creative Commons License

This guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

If you have questions or suggestions for this page, or if you'd like more information about the work the GSD Committee is doing at AES, please contact