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Use this guide for 8th grade science.

Suggested Topics

(Global and local) Deforestation–India, Tropics, Worldwide

(Global) New Diseases. Zoonotic diseases.

(Global and local) Current state of “green energy.” Renewable energy. Non-carbon based energy technologies

(India) Mining-industrial, economic development, urban sprawl and conservation of nature / habitat / biodiversity in India

(Global and local) E.O. Wilson’s Half-Earth proposal. “Rewilding”—restoring habitat

(Global) Elements in an Ipad-Laptop-Cell phone–Rare earths and conflict minerals—environmental costs of technology

(India) Air quality in Delhi–air pollution

(India) Access to clean water—sewage—pollution—irrigation.

(Global) The Anthropocene and the 6th great extinction

(Global and local) Climate denial, science denial, removal of environmental protections

(India)Water pollution—degradation and altering watersheds—Yamuna, Ganga, Ken-Betwa link.

(Global) Food security.

(India) Agriculture-pesticides-fertilizer-nutrition and health in India

(local)AES efforts to implement environmentally friendly practices. Areas for improvement. Suggestions.

(Global) CO2–greenhouse effect–global warming–global climate change—shifting of carbon cycle

(India) Endangered species. Habitat loss. Trade in endangered species. Animal human conflict.

(Global and India) Promising sustainable practices and technologies.

(India) Access to clean water—sewage—pollution—irrigation.

(India) Invasive species in India—loss of native habitat and biodiversity

(Global and India) How does urbanization affect evolution? Which species suffer and which thrive? Are changes physiological or behavioral?

(Global and India) What problems are being caused by plastics? Are there any promising practises already in place? What are some possible solutions?

(Global and India) How is the human population changing in terms of size? What are the long term ramifications? What is carrying capacity and what happens when it is exceeded? What are the possible solutions?

(Global) What is the Anthropocene, when did it start, how is a geological time period defined and is it irreversible? What are the implications?

(Global) The history of human-caused extinction. How far back does it go? When did we first become aware? Is the extinction rate changing? What are the primary causes? What can we do about it and what will be the consequences if we continue on this path?

(Global) What is the current state of the world’s oceans? How necessary are healthy oceans for human survival? How do the oceans sustain the biosphere?

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Recommended Databases for the Human Impact Project

You may use any of the databases on the list above. These will probably be the most useful for you:

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How to annotate

You must cite and annotate at least 8 sources.

  • Summarize the main idea of the book or article.
  • Include at least one sentence that:
    • evaluates the authority or background of the author
    • comments on the intended audience
    • compares or contrasts this work with another you have cited
    • or explains how this work illuminates your bibliography topic

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