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Use this guide for your IB Physics IA.

Open Access Databases - Sciences

Class presentation

Guidance from the IB

"When choosing sources, students must consider the setting of the scientific context for the research and the method´s design if applicable. With this in mind, attention should be paid to the methods to be used for data analysis, the interpretation of data, the conclusion (that should respond to the research question) and evaluation of the method and data used. It is also important that students explain the type of sampling used to extract the data."

Recommended AES Databases for IAs and EEs

If accessing databases from home, use the link to find the passwords.

All EE students should use EBSCO and JSTOR. Also, check the list for subject-specific databases.

Open Access Databases - General

These databases provide free full text access to many scholarly sources.

Destiny Library Catalog


Google Dataset Search

Useful Websites for Physics