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2019 AES Stein Library Annual Report: A Joyful Pursuit of Excellence

Click on these tabs to learn about what happened in the AES MSHS Library this year:

The American Embassy School libraries support the AES Mission for the students, faculty, staff and parents of the AES community. The libraries encourage “inspired lifelong learning” and support all areas of the AES curriculum. Literacy, literature appreciation, inquiry, and collaboration are key components of the library programs. Both libraries’ welcoming environments provide access to current, relevant resources.

MSHS Student Survey

I like that the library . . . 

Has so many new books to read, and it is just such a nice place to just sit in and do homework, or just read.

Has such a variety of books and is a place I can go to do many things

Has friendly staff.

I love the library becuase of the atmosphere and how it feels really friendly. The books are organized well, and when I do work in there, I am always on task! I also love the placement of the shelves and windows!

Library Makeover

We've working on updating the library space with the following goals in mind:

  • Use the layout and furniture to decrease how sound carries in the library.

  • Create a welcoming feel.

  • Allow for more front-facing book displays.

  • Create more small seating spaces, including two study rooms.

  • Add signage to help patrons find books more easily.

  • Make parts of the collection (DVDs, graphic novels, etc.) more accessible.

Audrey Truschke


Audrey Truschke, author of Aurangzeb: The Man and The Myth came to AES the second day of school to speak to some of the high school history classes. She talked with the students about the importance of historians maintaining an objective lens as they dig through primary sources; we can't impose today's social values on the past. Dr. Truschke argued that Aurangzeb is often judged unfairly in today's soceity.


Deepak Dalal

Author Deepak Dalal spoke with some 6th grade humanities classes about his adventure and wildlife books. Mr. Dalal shared some incredible experiences he had, along with a message of nature conservation. Thanks to the elementary school library and Indian studies program for allowing him to share his time with the middle school!

Book Fairs

The AES libraries hosted a total of four book fairs this year, two from Kool Skool and two from Scholastic. These fairs give our community members opportunities to purchase books for themselves and as gifts. In addition, the libraries get points to use to purchase titles for our collections. The MSHS library earned over 70,000 rupees of free books from the Kool Skool fairs this year.

Book Fair

Top RBDigital Titles


George O'Connor visit

Author/Illustrator George O'Connor spent four days working with middle school students in humanities and art classes. His most popular series of books is a graphic novel collection about Greek gods and goddesses, so he was a perfect fit for the 6th grade humanities classes. Thanks to Wendy Guyer for arranging for him to come to AES and to the PSA for funding part of his visit to the MS. 

I really loved how he talked to all of us and he went around asking questions and complimenting people’s work. I really love visits like this, because it makes me feel like “Hey! I can write/draw stuff! I can do that!” I also learned that you just shouldn’t think when you draw things, so if you are relaxed and/or under a a time constraint, you just draw, and you let the creativity just flow out of you. - Grade 6 student

He had some really interesting and unique thoughts to share. He was funny, had good stories, and was willing to answer any questions. I learned not only about the Greek gods, but also about how or manage a writing life and organise time. I love visiting authors because there is something new and valuable to be learned from every one. - Grade 8 student

First, I never met an actual author before, so that was very exciting. I liked that we had the chance to work with him, and I felt like he shared his secrets with us. The lesson he tried to teach us was that not everything should be perfect, and I liked how he taught it. I liked his presentation, to see how he did everything he did and something I did noticed was that it’s not luck that made his books so famous. He learned and explored everything about these gods. Another important lesson- nothing comes with luck. I would really like that another author will come again, like John Green because I really enjoyed this visit and I would really like to experience something like that once again. - Grade 6 student


We really enjoyed having George come this week. We were able to relate it to Humanities and show how art is connected to all subjects! It validated us saying "make mistakes" "Take risks" in class because he also said that and celebrated when students did just that. He really understood kids and was super fun. I like having males in the art room, because so often they hear from female perspective...its fun to show that males are artists too! Overall, great visit and we would welcome him back for sure!  - MS humanities teacher

Superbly engaging. The students clearly love his work, making these classic stories accessible to them. Some are choosing comic books as a means of expressing understanding in Science this week. O'Connor was a real person to them. He speaks frankly and cleverly, in a way they could follow and relate to easily. I would recommend him highly for another visit at AES or a visit for another school. For sure. - MS science teacher

This word art was created with comments from the student survey about George O'Connor's visit.

International Jazz Day


The library was host to an International Jazz Day mini-concert by the HS Jazz Band and HS Flute Ensemble. The event started out with a performance by AES staff members Gaurav Bisht and Kenny Emmanuel. Following their performance, the jazz band played several rounds of 12-bar blues and were joined by middle school students, staff members, and parents.  

Top Titles

These were the top circulating titles of the 18/19 school year: