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2020 AES Stein Library Annual Report: Responsible, Compassionate Global Citizens

Learn what we did in the library this year.

The American Embassy School libraries support the AES Mission for the students, faculty, staff and parents of the AES community. The libraries encourage “inspired lifelong learning” and support all areas of the AES curriculum. Literacy, literature appreciation, inquiry, and collaboration are key components of the library programs. Both libraries’ welcoming environments provide access to current, relevant resources.

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Used book sales

The MSHS library held two used book sales in the Tagore Room where community members purchased discarded books from the library as well as community donations. As a result of the sales, the libraries donated over 48,800 rupees to The Community Library Project. 

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Library Internship


The libraries partnered with The Community Library Project (TCLP) to create an internship program. Longtim members of TCLP's student council who are interested in pursing a career in librarianship are given the opportunity to work alongside AES library staff and learn about the profession.  Mausam, pictured here, spent 3 months in the library during first semester and reported a greater understanding of how libraries work, as well as an increased sense of independence. She was able to bring ideas back to TCLP, and share with us her knowledge as well. Our second internship was suspended due to the campus closure, but we look forward to welcoming Simpi back when the campus reopens.

New Books for Global Citizens

Stein and Sood Library Team


Staff Celebrations

The Stein Library was host to some staff celebrations this year, including a welcome reception for MS and HS faculty and staff at the beginning of the year, and a holiday open house. 


Big Read - High School




Through an Innovation Fund grant, all high school students were given a book by Laurie Halse Anderson and invited to participate in The Big Read. The goals of the big read were: 

  • Promote reading
  • Create community through reading
  • Create interest around Laurie Halse Anderson's visit

Many of Laurie's books deal with social issues that are important to teens. Although Laurie's visit had to be postponed, The Big Read was still a success. Students had this to say:

  • I enjoyed getting to read an author and connecting with other students who read the author - it felt like a large book club!
  • I liked how I was introduced to books I would normally not read.
  • I read a book that I enjoyed even though I hadn't read a novel in a while.
  • Interesting topics to read about that are important to know but go by unnoticed
  • I appreciated the effort to promote reading, as I feel it isn't something that a lot of HS students do.
  • I liked that the school cares.
  • It creates a community.
  • That we had an opportunity in school to actually read because we never get the chance to because we're all so busy doing homework, extracurriculars and stressing about summatives.
  • I think it really pushed me to read which is something haven't done a lot since getting into high school.

PSA Student Enrichment Fund Grant


Thanks to Anya Ramani, who wrote a PSA Student Enrichment Fund proposal, we've added hundreds of new books to our Sora ebook platform. We appreciate Anya taking the initiative, and the PSA for granting the proposal!

Vivekanand Camp Library





library team supported the AES high school students' Vivekanand Camp Library project by assisting with registration, providing cataloging supplies and expertise, donating books, and volunteering at the library. The project is an IB CAS project that was then taken on by the MAD Club. 

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