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Current Events and Fake News: Current Events

Radio On Demand

Recommended Databases and Subscription Magazines for News

These databases will be very helpful if you're interested in current events. Use the link above if you need to know login/password information.



CNN Student News

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CNN Top Stories

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Indian Newspaper Sites

These are links to the online versions of some popular newspapers in India. Visit the MSHS library to read the print versions.

New York Times

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BBC News - World

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Al Jazeera English

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Create an account and read news stories that are leveled by Lexile. MS students - login to your acocunt.

Useful Websites


Want to know what news is big news right now? Newsmap takes the results from Google News and makes a visual representation of the numbers of stories on a topic. The bigger the box, the more stories. Compare the results between countries. Click on the box to read some of the stories about the event.

Time Explains

Time has links to articles and short videos that give the background to some current events topics.

Tween Tribune

TweenTribune offers news from around the world. You can change the reading level of articles, search by grade level or lexile. 

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