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Use this guide for your grade 6 health research project.

Assignment information - grade 6 health

What is the passion project? 

  • Researching a specific question that represents your passion

  • Working individually to become more knowledgeable 

  • Discovering something you are passionate about

  • Creating a plan to get better at that passion

  • Demonstrating movement that represents your progress 

  • Presenting 

    • What your passion is and what you learn

    • How you created your plan and worked on answering your question

    • Where you found your information and where you practiced your movement

    • How you practiced and what strategies, tactics, principles and/or concepts you used

Free Government Database

This database from the US Department of Health and Human Services has all sorts of reliable information on health topics.

Recommended Resources: Staying Safe and Healthy

Destiny Library Catalog

Recommended AES Databases for Health

Notecard Template

Project Help


Recommended Websites for Health

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