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India Studies Independent Research Project: Home


Research Packet

Over the course of the semester, you have been studying India including both the history and culture. Throughout your own travels around India, you have been exposed to a vast array of art, music, dance, wildlife, culinary expertise etc., which make India such a rich culture.  There are many things of interest, pick one to explore.  Rather than just give a brief outline of the topic students are expected to look in depth into the topic bearing in mind the following:

  • Overview of the topic
  • How has it changed over time?
  • What, if any, outside influences have there been?
  • In what way has it spread or influenced the outside world?
  • Who are the major innovators or leaders in this field?
  • What is the state of this art form, industry, the topic today?  Do you see it declining or increasing?
  • What are your predictions for the future?
  • If there are problems or other issues, what is currently being done to overcome these?

Your final product will be a presentation in any form approximately 10 mins long.


Daily Schedule

Day One - Explore Topics

Explore Topics and build background knowledge: Connect with content and discover interesting ideas to explore further.  What seems particularly interesting, curious, surprising or troubling?

Day Two - Explore for Focus

Explore ideas:  Browse and scan a variety of sources. Read when you find something interesting.

Day Three -  Review Assignment Questions

Research to answer the questions

Day Four - Continue to gather useful information


Destiny Library Catalog


Background - Reference

  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Facts of File

In-depth - Scholarly Journals, Magazines, Newsapers, eBooks

  • Questia