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World History 9: Ancient River Civilizations

Use this guide for World History 9.

Assignment Information

  • Ancient China (up to 600 BC: Xia, Shang and Zhou)
  • Ancient India, Harappan (Indus River Valley Civ 3300-1600 BC)
  • Mesopotamia (Ur III Empire (2112–2004 BC)
  • Egypt (Old Kingdom 2686–2134 BC)
  • Inca and Norte Chico

Recommended Databases for Ancient History

Recommended Websites

Your quickest sources of information will be the databases recommended here and the books in the library. If you need more, you might try these websites:

Notecard Template

Introductory Videos

And a little something extra to get you thinking . . . 



Access these ebooks from the Destiny Discover site. 

Access these Sora eBooks

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